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Living Legacy Oracle Deck

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Our latest interview is with Angie McCoy, the creator of the Living Legacy Oracle deck. A fully-customized oracle deck for you to share your Guidance, Advice and Words of Wisdom with your family

Have you ever wished you could have a few minutes of conversation with a loved one that you've lost? Just a little guidance or advice for that question, or just some Words of Wisdom?

Have you ever wished you could always be there for your loved ones? Just to offer a little guidance or advice for their questions, or just offer some Words of Wisdom?

Then this deck is for you!

For more info and orders - Living Legacy Oracle Deck

Where in the world do you call home?

Union Grove, Alabama

What was your first experience with tarot or oracle and when did you fall in love with it?

The earliest I can remember, was around 11 years old. I started learning, reading and collecting Tarot and Oracle cards when I was in my early 20’s and still get excited about each new Deck!

What made you want to create your own oracle deck? What was your inspiration?

I have been a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur for many years. In more recent years, I decided to blend my entrepreneur endeavours along with my passion and start a Mystical Apparel and Accessories Line, Mystic Life. Creating a custom oracle deck has been a dream of mine for the past few years, after dabbling in some card designs in a couple of community designed decks. I decided to create a completely custom deck designed to give your guidance, advice and words of wisdom as your Living Legacy and a Legacy that is Timeless and will last forever.

What would you say is unique about your deck?

Living Legacy Oracle Cards is completely custom. Each person that orders a deck, creates their own guidance, advice and words of wisdom that they want to share with their friends & family. The card box is also custom with personalized to and from information and a customized postage stamp image with their chosen photo. Along with their custom information on the cards, they can send their handwriting to put on each card for the person they are creating them for as well as their salutation & signature. Their deck will be one of a kind.

How long have you had the idea for the deck for and how long has it taken you to create it?

I believe it was about 4-5 years ago when I first designed a card for a community designed deck, that sparked my interest in creating a deck. It has only been this last year that I have focused in on the idea and design and worked on making it a reality.

We are living in such crazy times. How has the pandemic affected your creativity?

I feel it has boosted my creativity, mostly giving me more time at home to focus. The only delay was manufacturing, printing and shipping, so in those aspects, I have taken my time through the year to get prepared and wait for a better time to bring it to life & launch.

What have been your challenges in creating this deck?

Most of my challenges have been about self-doubt, fear and analysis-paralysis. But my desire and excitement helped to push through the doubts and challenges.

Do you see this deck as helping to connect different generations of family and friends?

Yes! My desire is for people to create a custom deck for their friends, family and even have for many generations to come. I feel they would work great for families now, especially with so many families living far away from each other, around the world and military families. They can be a gift for friends and family, for a little comfort on a daily basis and a gift they will treasure forever.

How will you celebrate when the deck is finally launched?

I haven’t thought about how I will celebrate when they launch, I will just be so happy and excited! I do hope others love the deck and the meaning and purpose behind them as much as I do and I can’t wait for the joy of seeing others create their own custom deck for their friends & family.

How can people purchase their own deck?

As the Living Legacy Oracle Deck is a completely custom deck, it is ordered one at a time. We are offering a new launch special pricing along with free shipping worldwide.

Angie is offering a giveaway that runs until the 31 Mach 2021. To enter, click here:

To order your own customized deck at a special price (for a limited time), click here:

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