The Meraki Tarot

Our latest interview is with Kerri Snook, creator of The Meraki Tarot, a unique tarot deck that was inspired by the magic of nature and animals, and is a whimsical look at the world around us. It is intended to speak to the passion we all have shining within us as the best version of ourselves. The messages of the Tarot are simply a guide, that allow us to become aware of what was previously unknown, so we may move forward in the most successful way.

The kickstarter campaign for The Meraki Tarot has finished. It was fully funded and is now in production!! To stay up to date with any pre-orders, when they are made available, visit Kerri's website:

Bouchette Designl

Where in the world do you call home?

My family and I live in beautiful Washington State at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, just 30 minutes to and from Seattle. We have been in the region for about 6 years now and feel quite at home in the Great Northwest.

What was your first experience with oracles and / or tarot and when did you fall in love with it?

I have been interested in the world of magic and the supernatural since I was young. As I got older, I gathered as much knowledge as I could through books and publications since the resources that we have today, like the internet, was not available then. When I was about 15 years old, I purchased my first tarot deck, which was the Thoth by Aleister Crowley. I could not put it down and invested a lot of time in understanding tarot and the Thoth deck, performing readings for myself and family at every opportunity. I still have that original deck today!

What made you want to create your own tarot deck? What was your inspiration?

Tarot has been a part of my life’s journey for decades now. For years I wanted to create my own deck, expressing my connection with the tarot with my own art and companion guide. About 2 years ago, I decided to go all in and create The Meraki Tarot. This deck is meant to feel magical, dreamy, light-hearted, and captivating to the imagination and intuition of readers of all ages and experience.

Aside from your own deck, do you have a favourite deck? If so, which one?

I own about 30 decks and enjoy every one of them. There are so many amazing decks available now, both new and old, and one that I have connected with recently is the Playful Heart Tarot by KittenChops. It has so much depth and beauty while remaining playful!

Do you have a favourite card (either from your deck or just the card in general). If so, why is it your favourite?

My favourite card is probably the Ace of Pentacles. I am an Interior Designer and, in my field, I create spaces and places for tech and other companies that I get to see come to life and become something special to the occupants and users of the spaces. I enjoy putting my effort into creations that are empowering through my BouchetteDesign work. I love starting something from the ground up, creating it with my heart and soul, and casting it out to the world. That for me is the Ace of Pentacles, and what I love to manifest.