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The Wild Wolf Tarot

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Our latest interview is with Briona Jolie, the creator of The Wild Wolf Tarot - an earthy, minimalist 78 card Tarot deck surrounding the beauty and intuition of Wolves. This deck is meant to help people connect to their ancient wild instincts, and to embrace the many beautiful archetypes of the wolf.

Kickstarter - The Wild Wolf Tarot

Where in the world do you call home?

Physically I never felt more at home than I did in New Paltz, NY which is the town I lived and went to college in. New Paltz and places like it fuel my sense of adventure and love of nature, with beautiful tall mountains, lakes, and a relaxed artistic community. Emotionally, home is anywhere that is with my partner Dieter and our dog Storm.

What was your first experience with tarot/oracle and when did you fall in love with it?

My first experience with cards was when I brought my first oracle deck in my college town (it's where most of my spiritual awakening began). I bought this deck before ever having a reading, or even researching how to use cards and their exact purpose. I just went in knowing I wanted to explore what cards meant after looking at them with extreme curiosity every time I went to buy a new crystal. So I took home my first oracle deck which was a very early 2000’s deck called Universal Wisdom by Toni Salerno and I explored! I did some reading of the how-to’s but mostly played and intuitively began reading for myself by using the messages inside the book to guide the reading.

What made you want to create your own tarot deck? What was your inspiration?

I always thought having my own deck one day would be amazing, but I didn't start seriously thinking I would really feel the need to put those ideas to action until I started reading tarot for others. I desperately wanted to read from my own cards, to make the readings that more special. One night I thought to myself, I really need a wolf inspired tarot deck (considering my whole brand and heart is surrounded with the beauty of wolves). So I went to my search engine and realized that no one has successfully done it the way I felt a wolf tarot deck needed to be displayed. I then thought, well if no one has done it...then I guess it needs to be me. I also was extremely inspired by a friend of mine who created her own deck and was young like me Seeing more young women take leadership of their dreams and desires is so empowering, so after experiencing more women like that in my life I immediately went to my notebook to start writing and planning The Wild Wolf Tarot.

Aside from your own deck, do you have a favourite one?

Spirit song tarot by Paulina Cassidy. I actually found her deck when I was getting a reading done at a local shop near where I live now. As I was watching the reader explain my messages I remember half listening to her and the other half of my brain was saying, “What deck is she using? I’ve never seen an all animal deck before? I need to find this deck after.” Her deck was the first one I found that actually felt like it had my style written and illustrated on it, soft and minimalist.

Do you have a favourite card?

My favorite traditional card is “the moon” because it always shows two wolves and a moon as the image, I actually have a tapestry in my bedroom of this card because I just love the imagery so much. My favorite card in my deck I think has to be “The White Wolf.” This card expresses the message of the empress who holds divine femininity and strong intuition. I have placed this card everywhere on the branding of this deck because I just find the image my designer helped me create to be so striking.

How has the pandemic affected your creativity?

Aside from my job as a Tarot and Akashic Reader, I also teach kids art full time so you can say my sacral chakra is extremely open. That being said, It's normally hard for me to find time to honor the rush of creativity that is always trying to come out of and be expressed. The pandemic has honestly been a blessing because I finally have made time to express myself. Truthfully this project wouldn’t have happened until years down the road when I finally “made the time,” so I’m extremely grateful for the universe allowing me to see where I needed to focus my energy and finally create.

What have been your challenges in creating this deck?

I believe it's just been learning everything for the first time. I’ve never had any experience with launching a kickstarter before, or determining a budget and reaching out to printers before, so every step of this journey has been a completely new learning experience. So my biggest challenge has been remaining confident as I navigate this new terrain. That's when I turn to my wolf guides who remind me of my leadership in the decisions I make, it will all lead me down the right path.

You channelled this from your wolf guide Aleu. Do you believe she has been with you your whole life and has she inspired you to create prior to this deck?

Aleu has remained a prominent guide in my life ever since childhood. So strong in fact I decided to tattoo her face on my ribs which is a similar image mirrored in the card “The White Wolf.” Just like the card The White Wolf, Aleu inspires me to take leadership in my feminine. I find her when I feel confidence to create and share my creations, she also finds me when I take action on my intuition.

How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published?

I would love to do a fun trip to the mountains again with my partner and dog but with the pandemic It might be on hold for now. We will definitely have a great family day outside to celebrate, let go, and just be present in the vibrations of the moment! Then It will be quickly back to work to get the orders out to my backers haha

What is on offer for people who pledge?

I put a great scale of offers together ranging from $5-$300. Some of the rewards include art prints, a discounted offer on the official deck, readings with me, and an incredible opportunity to give back to the wolves! If we hit our stretch goals within the second half of the campaign I have lots of freebie offers for deck owners like limited edition cards and pouches!

To be one of the first to get your hands on this gorgeous deck, pledge here:

Kickstarter - The Wild Wolf Tarot

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