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Transparent Owl Tarot Deck

Our latest interview is with Taryn Wise, the creator of the Transparent Owl Tarot Deck -a tarot deck that can be used in a creative context and can help artists with the creative process. A deck that can also help everyone uncover their hidden creativity.

Where in the world do you call home?

I live close to the ocean with my dog Smokey on the Long Beach Peninsula.

What was your first experience with tarot / oracle and when did you fall in love with it?

The Transparent Owl Tarot Deck came about after discovering an old Rider/Waite tarot deck in a cupboard of an abandoned house. My knowledge of tarot was limited to movies that usually showed some poor soul picking the Death or Tower card and then being doomed. This became the beginning of my own Fool’s Journey – I was going through a time of intense transition where I was drawing the Death and Tower cards almost every day! What I learned was that these cards meant transition and rebirth (not doom) and gave me the belief that not only would I survive, but that I would thrive in my new life. I found out that the Tarot was a perfect blending of my artistic talents and art history background.

What made you want to create your own tarot deck? What was your inspiration?

This project is dedicated in memory of my Mom. I inherited my love of art and different cultures - earthly and beyond - from her. She is the reason for this deck - with such a personal bonding a person has with their chosen deck, my Mom would have told me “you need to make your own” - so I did :)

What would you say is unique about your deck?

My last name is Wise and I have always been drawn to owls. When I first discovered the Tarot I searched and found many gorgeous decks with animals, but not any that were based on owls. I also had a hard time finding references for artists and creatives – how can the cards be used in a creative context? How can they help artists with the creative process? The suits in my deck are based on creatives:

Wands = Paintbrushes & Pencils = 2 D creatives, ie. Painters, Graphic Designers, Tattoo Artists

Cups = Musical notes = Emotional Creatives, ie. Musicians, Dancers & Actors

Pentacles = Gears = 3 D Creatives, ie. Architects, Software Developers, Sculptors

Swords = Pens = Intellectual Creatives, ie. Writers, Scientists, Philosophers

How long have you had the idea for the deck for and how long has it taken you to create it?

It has taken me 2 years to create and paint the deck.

We are living in such crazy times. How has the pandemic affected your creativity?

The times have reminded me as to what is important to me and put many aspects of my life into perspective. No matter what avenues are closed, the power of the creative mind is always awake and alive.

What have been your challenges in creating this deck?

My biggest challenge has been finding a suitable box. I would like to be able to do a magnetic box or a two-piece box but I have not found a printer source yet that is economical (without a huge minimum) with the quality & turnaround I am looking for. My printer is able to provide a tuck box but…. I am still looking!

It’s such an interesting concept to produce a deck to help people with the creative process. Can this deck be used by people who may think they are not creative? Can it unlock their creativity?

Absolutely! We all have an imagination that is just waiting to be accessed. Literally every interaction on earth and beyond is a common human language made up of images. We all have common life experiences which have been recorded through various creative outlets. Languages and even the disciplines we call science and medicine are a combination of images and symbols that communicate thought processes. Think about blueprints, mathematical formulas, and MRI’s for instance – all images that communicate information.

How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published?

I will start painting the images for my next deck!

What is on offer for people who pledge?

I have individual decks & multiple deck offerings. The book will be available to everyone via a digital download. They can also buy a printed version in the add-ons.My Intro class for creatives is available as an add-on.I have a Creative Bundle which includes a limited edition, signed deck plus the Intro class.

To unleash the creative soul within you, click here:

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