I am Pools of Light Cards - Gitama Day

I am Pools of Light Cards - Gitama Day


Cards, box and guidebooks are in great condition.


This oracle is designed to lead the user on a Divine Journey into the bigger picture where we recognize the interconnectedness of all things.  We are the bridge between the seen and unseen worlds and the Ascended Masters and Angels have been knocking at the door to assist us in evolving into conscious human beings, empowered by love.

Why the Ascended Masters and Angels together?

The Ascended Masters vibrate at distinctly different levels from The Angels and are highly evolved beings that have raised their vibration to a sustained frequency of light, which serves and supports us, the whole of Humanity.  The Angels are Divine Messengers that help us to connect easily to these higher energies and to the clarity and wisdom of the Angelic realms.  While The Ascended Masters reveal the inner workings of a particular situation and offer their loving wisdom and support, The Angels bring a celestial clarity.

The Ascended Masters and Angels are very compatible, working together in Loving Harmony.  To use both decks together is strongly recommended for more insight and clarity to any unfoldment.  The artwork of each card is channelled to the energetic patterns & signatures, with colours representing each Ascended Master and Angel, bringing illumination to their guidance, wisdom and love

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