The Angel Oracle - Ambika Wauters

The Angel Oracle - Ambika Wauters


Box shows wear (especially the back - please see photos). Cards are sealed in plastic. Hard-covered book is in new condition.


Working the Angels for Guidance, Inspiration and Love.

Pack includes:
- 36 glorious angel cards
- 112-page illustrated book

Let the love and healing energies of the angels into your daily life.

Angels have the power to touch every one of us with their protection, guidance and eternal love. With 'The Angel Oracle' you now have the means to access this divine wisdom.

The 36 beautifully illustrated angel cards, one for each of the angels in the heavenly realm, offer clarity of thought, knowledge and insight to help you with everyday problems as well as the major challenges of life.

There is nothing negative or unsettling about the readings from the angel cards: each offers positive aspects of love and healing energy for all situations. The accompanying illustrated book gives a full commentary for each card and shows how easy the system is to use.

Open your heart to 'The Angel Oracle' and open yourself to life.

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