The Dreamtime Oracle Cards + Colouring Book

The Dreamtime Oracle Cards + Colouring Book


Brand new and sealed cards by Mirree Louise Bayliss. Comes with bonus colouring book.


Each animal depicted in “The Oracle Deck of the Dreamtime” offers a solution to certain problems in life.  At times, as we make our everyday journey through life, we need spiritual guidance and support to understand which direction to turn or which path to take. Each card contains a powerful visual message which, through contemplation, will help the viewer to reach a solution to a problem or the answer to a question relevant to their life journey. 


Mirree believes that when we contemplate certain images it triggers natural responses that are more in line with our greatest potential or higher self. The Rainbow Serpent, and other animals in this oracle card deck carry messages which are designed to bring us closer to our inner self, our natural culture and to the ways of the land from the Dreamtime; when we lived as one, in balance with nature and its powerful force.

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