The Little Monsters Tarot Deck and Guidebook

The Little Monsters Tarot Deck and Guidebook


The Little Monsters Tarot is a 78-card black and white deck illustrating all manner of minor monsters in the Major and Minor Arcana. Although the imagery is eclectic, it is at its core a traditional deck; symbols and meaning are borrowed from the Rider-Waite and other historical decks for ease of reading.

This deck is black and white, with matte laminate 5"x3.5" cards (packed from the printer in a random order for a first pull) with rounded corners in a kraft paper tuck box.


The accompanying 200 page book by Olivia Pepper contains folklore, history and traditional associations found within the Tarot as a whole, along with some of Olivia's personal insights into the tradition of cartomancy, but it is also specially tailored to accompany the Little Monsters deck. It contains insights into symbolism, possible interpretations, alchemical and astrological correspondences, as well as basic information about how to begin reading the cards and three original spreads created specifically for the Little Monsters deck.

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