The Lonely Dreamer Tarot

The Lonely Dreamer Tarot


This deck is comprised of 84 cards. This is a fully illustrated tarot deck inspired by the French symbolist artist Odilon Redon, and based on the RWS system Extras include two versions of the 8 of Wands (because some people are afraid of spiders), as well as five special cards to be used however you wish: L'Ombre (the shadow), The Seeker, The Dreamer, a title-less card featuring Andromeda, and The Guardian Spirit. Redon's work is simply spectacular. Some of these images are standalone works, but many are composites of his work, or include other subtle elements (like the suit symbols). It is my hope that I have done his work justice and that this deck brings a new audience to his visions, work that I discovered was perfectly suited for a tarot deck. The images used are all classified as CC0.

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