The Strawberry Tarot

The Strawberry Tarot

The Strawberry Tarot is a full-color, 78 card Indie and Inclusive Tarot Deck with traditional Major and Minor Arcana cards. 

Each deck comes with a drawstring strawberry bag. 

The cards are now Rider Waite standard size, 2.75" x 4.75" printed on traditional Tarot card stock with rounded edges. They come in a lightweight Strawberry Tarot tuck box and include a D.I.Y.-style 46 page black & white Zine that gives short descriptions of all 78 cards included in the deck.

Your deck will be numbered on the inside top of the tuck box.

All of the art in this project was designed, completed, and taken to the print shop by Alicia Strawberry, over a period of two years- 2018-2020. 

The back of the tarot deck's tuck box reads:

"I studied and drew these cards in search of peace and understanding during the darkest, loneliest, and most painful period of my life. The Tarot helped me realize that we are all The Fool, destined to fall off a cliff- and, that we are all The Magician, born with the tools & Strength we need to climb back up and manifest our best life.

This deck is dedicated to survivors. To those in the struggle. To the lonely. To the seekers. To the friends we've lost along the way."

A small Strawberry Tarot logo sticker is included in your zine as a special gift.