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  • Loaf Tarot

    Our latest interview is with Cari Corene and Amanda Coronado, the creators of the Loaf Tarot - a cute animal 78 card tarot deck. This project involved 76 artists from across the globe, with two artists having completed two cards each,.to present a cute animal tarot deck, and they are excited for you to have a look at the variety of adorable animals they have depicted The tarot deck is the main feature of this Kickstarter, and it includes holographic foil on the edge of each card, on the back of each card, and on the box! The Kickstarter also showcases enamel pins to complement the deck. Amanda is a freelance illustrator and comic artist who loves cute things! Cari answered the questions in the interview. Kickstarter -Loaf Tarot Where in the world do you call home? Hello! C: We two project organizers, Amanda and Cari, live in Maryland, US! We moved here because it is definitely a state full of people who like to go to art events. Before we lived together in Maryland, Amanda lived near Austin TX, and Cari lived near Seattle WA. We met in college in Georgia and later moved in together in Maryland. What was your first experience with tarot / oracle? I think as a child I began liking horoscopes in particular because my mother thought they were of the devil (she is very religious.) I personally enjoy a horoscope, or a daily tarot card, as a thoughtful addition to my day. My mind enjoys having many things to chew on at a time. Maybe my first real tarot reading was by a friend who had three decks I could pick from for my reading, and each deck was different spirited. She introduced the feel of each deck, and I selected one that I hoped would give me a more positive read (as opposed to the Cthulu deck which I thought might purposefully predict disaster to any human.) What would you say is unique about your deck? This deck was conceived of during the 2020 covid lockdown times, which was additionally a time of personal tragedy because at the beginning of covid, Amanda fell over a fallen tree trunk and broke both of her arms. It was a complete disaster. The world was in a state of full collapse, it was difficult to even get doctor appointments for two broken arms, we couldn’t get family to travel to help us. Amanda could not really do anything, so I (Cari) was doing all the tasks which required hands (that is nearly every task, if you think about it.) Our friend Marielle, who drew the Judgement card in Loaf Tarot, was able to travel to help us for periods of time. But really, 2020 was the worst year I have ever lived, and I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would make if ever I could make anything again. What I wanted was to make something HAPPY, with my friends. Tarot is a brilliant prompt for a group art project! The complex meanings of each card are fantastic for the imagination. So, in early 2021 (shortly after Amanda had her final, third arm surgery) I began drafting the card and box art for Loaf Tarot. I’m sure there are other happy tarot decks, but this tarot deck might be born with a piece of my own soul embedded in it. “If ever I can do anything ever again, I will do it.” I hope this will be a happy deck that moves forward! What cardstock and finish will be used? 350gsm cardstock Glossy UV coating on the cards Holographic silver foil on the card edges Holographic silver foil on the back of the cards The box shall be a thick cardboard with a magnetic flap cover (assuming we reach the stretch goal to unlock this type of box, which I am hopeful we will!) How long has it taken you to create this deck? I’ve personally been working on this project since January 2021! I wanted all the design work for the project to be somewhat complete before approaching my friends and other artists about doing this big collab thing. I’d never used InDesign before, so I had to learn to lay out the companion book and card front design. I’ve also never used After Effects before, and everything on the internet is a video now, so it’s kind of necessary for advertising the project. Can you explain what a ‘loafly animal’ is? A round cute animal! I believe the term comes from cats folding their little feets under their bodies, so that they become a no legs round bread loaf with a head. What card are you most proud of and why? Maybe the Ten of Swords, Death, The Hanged Man, and the Eight of Swords. We wanted to make this a happy deck of cards, and those cards get drawn pretty morbid sometimes. So, digging deeper into the meanings of the cards was necessary. Death became a migrating Canada Goose, the Ten of Swords became a cat left out in the rain, and the Eight of Swords became a zebra enjoying eating a bush that entrapped it, and The Hanged Man is a bat! What impact would you like your deck to have on its readers? The world has really gone through some dark times lately. I’m sure more dark times are ahead. I hope this deck might suss out a piece of happiness you have to look forward to in the midst of pending disasters. Or at the very least, the zebra will eventually eat her way out of the foliage she’s trapped in. You have 76 artists involved in creating this deck. How hard was this to coordinate and manage? It was kind of hard. Add to it all of us were/are covid depressed. There were originally 78 artists, but two had to drop. The difficulty with a group project like a tarot deck is that you have to have every card. You can’t drop a card like you could drop a page in an art book. So it just took extra time to fill in the cards that didn’t initially get finished, and wait on people who were running late. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? Definitely time! It all takes longer than you’d think … doing all the book layout work, doing all the Kickstarter layout work. We project organizers thought we were going to finish much sooner! How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? The celebration I would most love is if a bunch of us artists could happen to be at a show together and we could all have the deck for sale at our tables! (Contributors to the deck shall be allowed to buy additional copies of the deck for their shops.) It’s a lot of fun to be in a group project and to have fun signing copies of the thing you helped make! A lot of us who know each other, we became friends vending at comic shows together. If I work fast enough to get the deck printed, maybe this kind of celebration could happen at Anime NYC! I consider this a celebration because for all of us artists who did shows as part of our living, covid really destroyed us. I chose not to make this a charity project because the charity is honestly just paying artists. What is on offer for people who pledge? We are offering three main items! They are the printed deck, the printed companion book, and a collection of enamel pins! So far on our Kickstarter, the printed companion book has been upgraded to also have a shiny foil cover! As I write this, we are nearing the nice magnetic box upgrade for the deck! We have also unlocked 14 of the 20 enamel pins. So, the Kickstarter is going pretty well! What I wish for is 1000 people to think the project is neat enough to back. It will take us a while to ship it all, but I would be really happy if that many people liked our project! Thank you for the chance to talk to you about our deck! It’s very kind of you to run a website that’s willing to help bring attention to Kickstarter projects! To brighten you day with the cuteness of a loaf animal, click here: Kickstarter -Loaf Tarot

  • Life Soul Vision Oracle Deck

    Our latest interview is with Romy Wyser the creator of The Life Soul Vision Oracle Deck - an oracle deck that fuses captivating imagery with the vibrational medicine of sacred messages, symbols, and layers of light, woven lovingly and soulfully into a curated collection of energy guides. Each card has a coded divine purpose to illuminate and strengthen your intuitive experiences whilst delivering deeper awareness and insights into your searching questions and soul work through Romy's channeled messages. Romy is an Intuitive Guide, Tarot Reader, and Spiritual Mentor. She has been reading for over 15 years and connecting to spirit to deliver wisdom and soul-soothing support to those on their sacred soul journey. Kickstarter -Life Soul Vision Oracle Where in the world do you call home? Fife, Scotland, UK What was your first experience with tarot or oracle? Watching James Bond, Live and Let Die, and seeing Solitaire, haha and just knowing that I would one day work with cards. I must have been 12 or so at the time. My first deck arrived with me in my late teens, and they have been a part of the fabric of my life ever since. What would you say is unique about your deck? The deck is designed to move you forward through your life situations. It's reflective, deep, insightful, and healing. My channeled insights from spirit help you connect to new levels in your own intuitive connection. The images offer sacred medicine through their vibrancy. What cardstock and finish will be used? 350gsm gold gilt edge and luxury gloss finish. How long has it taken you to create this deck? I’ve known I wanted to create a deck for a few years, but Helen’s passing gave me extra incentive to bring this creative project to life. It officially began in September 2021 and has knitted together quickly and beautifully with everything just flowing in divine time. Your deck is dedicated to your spiritual mentor, Helen. Could you tell us a bit more about her and the role she played in your life? Helen came into my life at one of the lowest points I’ve experienced. She brought oxygen back into my pathway, helping me to heal, and to open more deeply and confidently to my spiritual gifts to support my awakening. Her skills as a tarot reader and her connection to the angelic realm were exceptional. She taught me so much about how to share stories using the cards. To bring kindness, humility, compassion, and integrity to my work. She was my mentor but also my dearest friend and a second mother figure to me. Helen continues to work with me as one of my guides and has had a huge influence on the energy of the deck and the messages it holds. What card are you most proud of and why? The Guide and the Gift as this really captures the energy of Helen and holds special meaning to me. It harnesses the magic in the soul journey we take and the blessings we receive from the guides that walk with us in the physical and spiritual realm. What impact would you like your deck to have on its readers? To soothe their soul. That whatever they are experiencing in their journey right now, a way through, deeper understanding, connection and answers from the deck will guide them forward. Could you please explain more about the various energies and spirit influences the reader will get to work with when they use your deck? The deck harmonises in a deep cosmic conversation as you work with an Elemental Queen to embody your current vibration, a Chakra Energy to awaken and activate new downloads. A Cosmic Influence to acclimate to your environment and a Sacred Spirit Animal to accompany you as you foster enlightened clarity and connection to your guides. Soul Musings captured from my intuitive channeled downloads then act as a Soul Map to help you arrive at profound new discoveries, serving to unlock the wisdom of your higher self and elevate your energy. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? Writing the guidebook has been a significant investment of time and energy. I knew I wanted it to be in-depth for the reader. The emotional energy and time required outside my main business have been testing, but also deeply rewarding. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? Quietly, the introvert in me will seek nature to balance my energies, connect with Helen to affirm that “we did it” and take time to assimilate the significance of the journey and prepare it to be sent out with the highest love and positive vibrations to meet people soulfully when they connect to it. What is on offer for people who pledge? Early Bird Prices are the lowest available ahead of general release for the boxset including the deck and over 150-page accompanying guidebook. A variety of Reward Levels include a behind-the-scenes interview with me on how to work with the deck. Personally signed copies and dedicated spiritual messages from your guides. Digital Downloads including Meditations and Oracle Spreads to use during the phases of the New and Full Moon and Giclee Artwork. And printed postcards featuring my moon musings for your rituals. To connect with your life soul vision, click here: Kickstarter -Life Soul Vision Oracle

  • The Cats of Arx Tarot Deck

    Our latest interview is with Craw Mahal, the creator of The Cats of Arx Tarot Deck - a project that started with Kelly drawing cats doing all kinds of things; scampering, sailing, drinking, playing, sleeping, cuddling, eating. As she drew these very personal felines, requests were made to include little symbols important to them, points of interest, meaningful suggestions of secrets, and hidden things. The more she did it, the more she thought, 'this could mean something.' The cats soon ran rampant over her desk and her imagination, and the desire to tell more stories and share them only increased over the past year, She found herself drawing them out and including them in her orders. Kickstarter -The Cats of Arx Tarot Deck Where in the world do you call home? I currently reside in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, and after living all over the world and coming back, it finally feels like home. What was your first experience with tarot / oracle? When I was 17, my father gave me my first tarot deck and taught me how to read it, emphasizing the personal nature of symbols; what a card meant to one person wasn't always what it means to another. I was also taught that the best decks to use are the ones that are given to you, and so while I might have other decks, the one he gave me is the one I use 99% of the time. What would you say is unique about your deck? When I made the Kickstarter, I reached out to previous customers and asked what they'd think about having their cats (that I've previously illustrated) included in a tarot card deck. It's an opportunity for people to be directly involved in the creation of a deck, with recognizable characters they've chosen, and I'll admit I was surprised at the enthusiasm I was met with; it was wonderful! Even people that I hadn't worked for were interested. I know cats have been used in tarot decks before as a theme, but my style has always been considered playfully rich when it comes to my illustration. I used to think my simplistic drawings were too childish to be used in something as meaningful as a tarot deck, but the last few years have taught me that there can be a great deal of symbolism inherent with things like the use of color, expression, and line. I'm trying to convey these stories and meanings behind the cards using those things, illustrated in watercolor, using cats that are personally selected by backers. I think all of that together makes for a unique experience. What cardstock and finish will be used? This largely depends on where the Kickstarter ends and who we go with. We will likely use the traditional stock and finish, but I'll be putting up samples before I finalize. How long has it taken you to create this deck? I will be working all summer to complete this deck, and I'm hoping it will be ready to print before August. Where does the name Cats of Arx come from? There's an online community of collaborative storytellers, who create characters and stories together in a text-based medium. The name comes from them, as it's where the ideas and characters came from, and it's in honor of them that helped me begin this amazing journey. What card are you most proud of and why? The nature of the deck has restricted me from illustrating any of them yet, other than coming up with the layout. The images I sent you are older illustrations that are the same dimensions and exact style I'll be using for the cards. As each piece will be completed, the backers that put in for that reward will see them first, and then everyone else will see them after they're published. What impact would you like your deck to have on its readers? Tarot readings are very often depicted as serious, life-changing, and life-revealing. Life isn't always these things, and I think divination shouldn't always be regarded that way either. The universe has a sense of humor, having cards that channel that through readings, or even just by appearance, might spread some of that joyous perspective and positivity, both things everyone needs. Cats are a very popular theme for tarot cards. Why do you think that is? Cats have been objects of human fascination for thousands of years. I think that interest hasn't changed and will never change. Mercurial and loving, edged with sharp claws but capable of cuddling you on your worst day, playful, sometimes dangerous, as prone to disappearing on you as they are to arrive at your doorstep ready to claim you as their own. They're a mystery, unpredictable; the future is the same. It's fitting to have such a creature dance across your tarot cards, giving you a glimpse of what's to come. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? The biggest challenge was solved by my backers: what kind of cat to use for each card. By using that as a perk, I'm happy to say nearly every card has a breed of cat (and in some cases, even a personality type) assigned to it. While the design and illustration are up to me (and I've many long hours of that ahead), the hardest part is the idea that starts it all. By offering backers to choose a cat and a specific card, they did most of that for me. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? I'm not sure! Hug everyone. Dance around. Maybe plan my next big project! What is on offer for people who pledge? Initially, I offered a few things. One perk offered a deck and the option to put a cat of your choice in the deck as a card, and another perk further up the rung let you put in that cat as a specific card. The perk above that was all of those things and the original art of your cat card. All backers get exclusive previews of every card as they're illustrated. To add some unique kitty love to your collection, click here: Kickstarter -The Cats of Arx Tarot Deck Etsy: Instagram: Facebook: Ko-fi:

  • The Kinner Tarot Deck

    Our latest interview is with RJ Kinner, the creator of The Kinner Tarot Deck - a project that started with one Halloween-themed illustration that grew into a stunning, full, black and gold tarot deck. As an illustrator and author, RJ loved having the freedom to communicate anything she wanted within the boundaries of an almost 600-year old tradition of tarot. Kickstarter -The Kinner Tarot Deck Where in the world do you call home? I currently live in Rexburg, Idaho, a small town in eastern Idaho. Yes, it snows a lot. But I’ve also lived in Wyoming, the California Foothills, and the coast! What was your first experience with tarot? Honestly? It’s kind of embarrassing. My very first experience with the tarot was watching the opening sequence of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion when I was a kid. The opening credits feature some of the Rider -Waite tarot deck, and for some reason, I was fascinated with their design. I didn’t know what they were, but I was drawn to them. As I got older, the fascination stuck with me, and here we are! What would you say is unique about your deck? The style. It %100 came from a crowded space in my head that needed to get out. I started out as an illustrator making extremely detailed ball-point pen ink drawings years ago, so I guess this was an extension of that. What cardstock and finish will be used? 330Gsm stock with a matte finish! How long has it taken you to create this deck? Technically, I started mid-September 2021 with my first card, Death(the first incarnation, I redid it later). It was meant to be nothing more than a fun distraction from my other project, illustrating one of the books I’ve written. The constant grinding of trying to find publishers was getting to me, and I was on the brink of giving up writing and art completely. One day I decided to create a tarot card border, just for fun, and ended up finishing the card. Then I started on The Moon, and then The Sun. I just kept going, now 6 months later, I’m about to finish the deck! Why did you decide on a black and gold theme? Black and gold always gave me the feeling of an ethereal world, just slightly apart from our own. Things exist on that plane of being that couldn’t exist here, but I could create it. Something about it just seemed right for my tarot deck. What card are you most proud of and why? I’m a fan of The World and the Hanged Man. They were both fun to create, and the webs on The Hanged Man allowed me to loosen up a bit mid-deck, and just create what I wanted to. What impact would you like your deck to have on its readers? I want people to connect with this deck the same way I did. This was more than just a project for me, it was regaining my confidence as an artist and as a human being. I want people, be it readers or collectors, to pick up the cards and see parts of themselves reflected in their meaning, as I did. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? In a word? Finances. I have very little (meaning none) disposable income, so getting this project off the ground has been tough. The incredible support from the lovely Kickstarter community has overwhelmed me. I literally couldn’t have done any of this without them, and I am eternally grateful. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? Buy a box of Junior Mints, and keep right on working! There’s lots to do! What is on offer for people who pledge? We’ve got a couple of things! Tarot card Stickers, signed prints, even personalised tarot cards! You come up with an idea of what you want on a card (Examples: The Artist, The Gardener, The Cuisiner, The Finder, The Weaver, etc) and I’ll create it for you! The most popular reward tier so far is The Kinner Tarot deck! You’ll get one of the first-ever printed decks, with the option for me to sign it for you! To add this gorgeous black and gold deck to your collection, click here: Kickstarter -The Kinner Tarot Deck Facebook - Instagram -

  • Divine Tarot of the Unicorn

    Our latest interview is with Matthew Breer, the creator of the Divine Tarot of the Unicorn - a beautiful, colourful custom-designed tarot set. Every card design was lovingly created by Matthew in honor of his mother. The Divine Tarot of the Unicorn is a beautiful deck based on the Rider Weight tarot decks with other influences, a personal flair, vibrant colors, and a look into the wisdom of tarot depicted in a world of unicorns in honor of Matthew's mother. Kickstarter -Divine Tarot of the Unicorn Where in the world do you call home? Well, that’s not an easy question as my home is anywhere, I hang my hat and I don’t own a hat 😊. I’m originally from Colorado, spent most of my life in Oklahoma, and Texas, but I’m based out of Texas and travel the world, although Cambodia has a special place in my heart and if I had a hat, it’s the place where I might hang it. So that’s where I’m at the moment but specifically, I’m in Siem reap Cambodia home of Angkor Wat the world's largest religious structure, covering over 400 acres. Perhaps one day I will make a set of cards based on Angkor wat. What was your first experience with tarot? My first experience with the tarot was stumbling onto my mother’s deck when I was about 4 years old, thinking that they were the most interesting thing I had ever seen, and at that age they probably were. I specifically remember the magician card and wondering what all the cool things on the table were for, Incidentally, the magician is one of my birth cards so I find it fitting that I was so drawn to it specifically oh so many years ago. Needless to say, I’ve been dabbling in tarot and such things ever since. so, I would say I fell in love with it at the young age of 4. Being exposed to the imagery at such a young age probably drove me to pursue the arts in my education. What would you say is unique about your deck? This deck was created to honour my mother. She passed in 2020, she was a strong woman who loved unicorns, roses, beer steins, and dream catchers. my style is unique often changing drastically depending on the purpose or intent, it can be a little colorful, and jarring for some but what great art isn’t? So, I would say that this deck is unique for many reasons as it depicts a world of unicorns with my personal flair, an embodied connection to the things my mother loved and cared for while keeping in line with the standard tarot symbology. What cardstock and finish will be used? (S30) Standard Smooth for the basic deck with standard finish (S30) Standard Smooth with standard finish with Holographic (front) + silver gilt edge for the LUXURY LIMITED EDITION How long has it taken you to create this deck? It’s been in the works both physically and mentally for several months and I started it in September of 2021 so about 6 months. with many hours of work put into it each day. You made this deck in honour of your late mother, what about her inspired the cards? Well, there are a lot of elements in the cards that echo her essence as it were, but firstly and most importantly she had a love for unicorns. From a young age I always remember her having art, statues, clothing, and personal items with a unicorn theme, so I felt it only fitting that a deck in her honour be unicorn-themed. Additionally, I have included many elements throughout the cards that either remind me of her or are things that she loved or cared for. For example, the rose, which I have substituted for the wand is something she has always loved, in fact, every Mother’s Day and valentine’s day I would give her a single rose growing up as a child. What card are you most proud of and why? Wow, that is an amazing question, in that is so hard to choose as I love all of them so much. But if I had to choose a favoured card, I would choose the strength card as it above all else reminds me of my mother and the strength she has shown me throughout the years, from losing her husband, my father before I was even born, to enduring the struggles of many strokes and everything in between. She was a strong woman with a giant heart and a will like no other, I am truly grateful for all she has done for me throughout my life strong, gentle, protecting, and nurturing in ways only a mother can be. She was always there for me with love in her heart and showed the kind of strength, conviction, and love that can only be admired. What impact would you like your deck to have on its readers? Well after tearing up over that last question, I can only hope that people will use and enjoy the deck as much as I have enjoyed creating it and it is my sincere hope that it will be an emotionally positive Healing experience for its users. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? Honestly, it’s been a joyful experience, almost therapeutic, on occasion tearing up due to the subject matter, and the unconditional love and light I felt while creating the cards. I truly enjoyed almost every minute of making the deck as it went from my mind to the finished card. The cards are based on the Rider Waite system, what other influences did you draw upon? The Builders of the Adytum (BOTA) deck, and the Thoth deck, I borrowed concepts and ideas that I felt intuitively appropriate. For example, the Rider Waite deck has only one child on the sun card whereas there are two on the Bota deck. I have opted to incorporate two young unicorns “horsing around” much like the (BOTA) deck. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? Well, my wife and I are expecting so I will most likely be preparing for the new arrival. While perhaps continuing or starting my next project a cat, witchy, and or ladybug-themed deck in honor of my grandmother is very much in the idea stages only. What is on offer for people who pledge? Well, I would like to emphasize the LUXURY LIMITED EDITION, this deck has a Holographic (front) + silver gilt edge and comes in a custom tin. Only 101 of these decks will ever be printed. But we are also offering a standard deck, a deck from our previous Kickstarter, coloring books, guides, and much more that can be best described on the Kickstarter campaign page. Divine Tarot of the Unicorn Facebook page : My website: Facebook Page: To add some unicorn magick to your collection, click here: Kickstarter -Divine Tarot of the Unicorn

  • Catomancy - The Kitten Tarot Deck

    Our latest interview is with Marco Rocchi and Fabio Maggio, the dual creators of Catomancy - The Kitten Tarot Deck - an adorable kitten-themed tarot deck. Marco is an Italian artist, illustrator, and comic book writer/artist with many publications under his belt, however, Fabio has designed the art for this deck. Kickstarter -Catomancy Where in the world do you call home? Mario: I was born in Florence, in Italy, and have always lived in this wonderful city, so much that I have become anesthetized to its charm. Currently, my home continues to be here, but I would really like to take some time off and travel the world. Fabio: I was born in Marsala, in Sicily, but for both the purpose of study and work I recently moved to Florence. Despite I have been welcomed with open arms, I can't but continue to call home my native land, Sicily. What was your first experience with tarot? Mario: My father has always been passionate about esotericism and in his collection, he owned several decks and books for reading tarot cards. I must admit, however, that I have never been involved in the same way as my father. Personally, I love more the aesthetic and playful aspect of tarot cards even if I confess to being fascinated by the meaning they bring with them. Fabio: Honestly, this is my first experience with tarot, both as a creator as well as a simple user, I was involved mainly as an artist rather than as an expert on the topic. What would you say is unique about your deck? Mario & Fabio We know we are not the first to create a cat tarot deck but we tried to put our effort into creating something unique as an interpretation of the tarot card with particular attention to the kitten cuteness. What cardstock and finish will be used? Mario & Fabio: The paper stock will be 330gsm black core, smooth finish with natural gloss, premium quality, on the card. There is not an extra lamination layer, the paper processing creates a surface smooth and looks a little bit glossy. Everything is FSC certified (CE marking certified). How long has it taken you to create this deck? Mario: The idea of creating a tarot deck dedicated to cats came to me a long time ago. I cannot keep cats at home because of the allergy of my partner, but I live in a block really full of cats. They have always given me the idea of being the guardians of the neighborhood. Hence the desire to create an artifact, the tarot deck, that assigns them a role as "guardians of destiny". Mario & Fabio: The deck is still a work in progress even if we have already created all the designs. Both of us are professional artists and we could not totally stop our activities so we are waiting for the end of the Kickstarter to finish it. Maybe the longest part has been the ideation phase which took at least three months. The art is absolutely adorable. What made you choose this style for your cards? Mario: When I chose Fabio to create the designs I knew he was good, but he still managed to outdo my hope. For the style of the drawings I had some ideas that I shared with him and he was able to express them even better than my expectations. Fabio: As for the research of the style, I honestly started drawing kittens on kittens, following my instinct and letting my inspiration flow until I found the shape that best represented the idea we had of this deck. What card are you most proud of and why? Mario: My favorite card is The hanged because for me is the emblem of this deck, cute and unconventional, and the first card that Fabio redesigned after we started working together. Fabio: For me The hermit, because I love sphinxes and grumpy cats. And he has the pullover, he looks like an old man! Oh... he's adorable! What impact would you like your deck to have on its readers? Mario & Fabio: We want to give to the readers only good vibes consulting our tarot deck. We also wanted cat owners to recognize their beloved furry ones within the arcana of this deck, their behaviors, and habits. This deck is a joint effort – how did you find working as a team? Mario: Originally I was supposed to create this deck by myself but unfortunately at Christmas, I had an accident involving my right arm just before I went into the making phase and I had no way of being able to work independently. Out of this misfortune came the idea of asking Fabio if he would be interested in giving me, literally, a hand. The project has changed because he did not lend himself only as a designer, but we have reinvented everything to better suit his style and I am convinced that CATOMANCY has only gained. So I was mainly involved in managing the Kickstarter campaign. However, I decided not to completely withdraw from the artistic process and I still remain the author of the colors. Fabio: I enjoyed working with Marco very much, we were very much in sync regarding the ideas we had, although he was the creator of the deck he left my work flowing, he was always open to discussing and accepting any changes to meet my artistic vision. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? Mario & Fabio: I think that the most challenging part was the creation of the Kickstarter campaign because it was our first attempt as tarot deck creators and the impossibility to completely dedicate to it because of our work commitments. We also decided to pay particular attention to the environment using only sustainable raw materials and certified manufacturing companies. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? Mario & Fabio: We will only take a breath for a while, relaxing with a celebration dinner between us just before we start the next project in the pipeline! What is on offer for people who pledge? Mario & Fabio We created several pledges in addition to the tarot deck, 2 wooden stickers, a wooden pin, a reading cloth, a poster, a T-shirt, and some more limited edition rewards like personal commissions from the artist and a personal fortune-telling from your neighborhood CATOMANCER. To add some adorable fluff-ball kittens to your collection, pledge here: Kickstarter -Catomancy

  • The Cosmic Seeker Tarot Deck

    Our latest interview is with Nadine Sophie, the creator of The Cosmic Seeker Tarot Deck - a fantasy-based tarot deck that is set in a fictional universe full of magic, fantasy characters, and creatures. This is the 5th deck that Nadine has created. The Major Arcana are all represented by different fantasy archetypes that suit the original RW meaning. The deck begins with the Cosmic Seeker (org. The Fool). With this deck, you can embark on a journey through the ever-curious eyes of the Cosmic Seeker in a world full of magic and wonders. On this magical trip, you will meet all sorts of archetypes that will teach you important lessons and give you insights into the journey of life. Kickstarter -Cosmic Seeker Where in the world do you call home? Currently, I am in Germany - which is where I am originally from. However, I have visited and lived in several countries and will probably go on another adventure soon. What was your first experience with tarot? I got my first tarot deck around the age of 14 and have been fascinated by tarot and oracle decks ever since. What would you say is unique about your deck? The Cosmic Seeker Tarot is a modern interpretation of the traditional Raider Waite deck that takes place in a fantasy world. All Major Arcana were replaced with fitting fantasy archetypes. The Minor Arcana are represented by the elemental suits of Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. I wanted a deck that is easy for beginner's use so it still works within the traditional tarot system but it is also a great divination companion for more experienced readers as well! I also put the traditional reference on the cards so you can work with the deck without needing to look into the guidebook if you are already familiar with the traditional RW interpretations. How long has it taken you to create this deck? I have created this deck entirely on my own including all artwork, texts, and design. It will have taken me around 2 years once all cards are finished. Your deck is set in a fictional universe. Where did the idea for the fictional universe come from? I have always been a huge fan of fantasy literature, science fantasy as well as of video games, and tv shows that take place in a fantasy universe. I started drawing in Kindergarten, writing my own fantasy novels as a teenager, and started doing tarot readings around the same time therefore this project combines my three biggest passions! This deck is just really speaking to me as a tarot reader and fantasy geek. This deck also has a strong personal node. People who know me in my personal life know that I am a bird lover. I have two Cockatiels which I absolutely adore. Hence this deck features a lot of birds. I just can’t help adoring these masters of the air. What card are you most proud of and why? I really enjoyed painting all of the cards. However, my current favorite is the Guardian of Water with the sea dragon. I am really proud as I can see how much I could develop my artistic skills over the years. Although I have been drawing my entire life, it wasn’t until 2018 that I started to paint digitally. Apart from that, I like the fact that my deck includes darker characters and scenes as well to create contrast. This is what I’m personally missing in a lot of tarot decks as a deck collector myself. What impact would you like your deck to have on its readers? I would like for the readers to be taken on a journey through the eyes of the Cosmic Seeker, which is the Fool in the traditional RW deck. A journey through a world full of fantasy and magic and I would like them to dive deeper into the meaning behind this deck. Was it hard to incorporate a fantasy theme with the traditional Rider Waite system? Since I have been studying the traditional Rider Waite system for nearly 20 years now - I could easily link the Major Arcana to fantasy archetypes. My creative flow with the Major Arcana was going really smooth and I think it took me about 2 days to come up with all of its characters. However, the Minor Arcana were a bit more challenging. I first wasn’t sure if I should keep the traditional suit: Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles or if I should change those as well. I really liked the idea of having different elemental settings for the fantasy journey to take place. In the classical system, we see those items matching the number of the card shown. The 5 of Swords would show 5 swords to make it for the readers easy to identify the cards. But how can you visualize an element like air or earth in numbers? It took me a long time to decide whether I should implement numbers into the system as well or just visualize the meaning of the cards. Finally, I decided to still showcase the traditional Swords, Pentacles, Wands, and Cups but WITHIN the elemental settings of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? Creating a hand-illustrated deck is very time-consuming. It takes me around 8-16 hours to paint one card - multiplying that by 80 leaves me with nearly 1000 hours to just create the artwork for this deck. That doesn’t include the brainstorming, designing, and writing part of creating a tarot deck that adds another few hundred hours on top. The challenge here is to make enough time for that whilst juggling a regular job for financial safety. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? I plan on celebrating this event with my partner, friends, and family. What is on offer for people who pledge? People who support the Kickstarter campaign will get the deck for a reduced price and receive them a lot earlier than those who buy it later on. I am also planning on a little exclusive surprise goodie that backers will receive with their deck that I don’t want to reveal yet. ;-) To embark on a magical journey through a fantasy world, pledge here: Kickstarter -Cosmic Seeker

  • Eros Tarot (Second Edition)

    Our latest interview is with Nick Ribera, the creator of the Eros Tarot (second edition). The deck is the second edition of Nick's most successful project - the initial Eros Tarot. This simple idea began with one card- The Tower. Nick knew it as a position in the Kama Sutra before he knew it as a tarot card, so when he made that connection his imagination ran wild. Kickstarter -Eros Tarot Where in the world do you call home? I grew up in Miami, Florida, had a short stint in Nashville, Tennessee, but have lived in St. Petersburg, Florida for the last 9 years. I own a home here, with my wife and three dogs, and this city will be my forever home. I’ve made a name for myself here as a local artist; I’ve won awards and painted murals here. I love St Pete. What was your first experience with tarot? It started with board games. I have a friend who is a board gamer, and while browsing through her collection I found her tarot decks. At the time, I didn’t know there was anything besides the Rider Waite deck, so she introduced all of it to me. Meanwhile, I was doing a lot of erotic art at the time, so when I saw the Tower card, I was reminded of the Tower position in the Kama Sutra. Then came my idea for the hanged man, the wheel of fortune, and the ideas just kept flowing. What would you say is unique about your deck? As an illustrator, I don’t have a style of my own. Every project I do uses a different color palette and different styles. For this one, I wanted to present an ethereal watercolor-like style of pastels and glowing lights. Thematically, I wanted to make it inclusive of gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and sexuality. I did not shy away from any body parts in the imagery. What cardstock and finish will be used? The cards will be printed on 18 pt C-2s. It’s the thickest material offered by my printer, Community Printers, in California. The cards have an untextured coating. How long has it taken you to create this deck? The first edition’s illustrations took around 4 months from idea to completion. I began it as my city began to quarantine. This second edition uses the same art, but the graphic design elements have changed. That coupled with creating new graphics for the Facebook ads, Instagram ads, promo decks, and Kickstarter graphics and video was about a month. You previously published the Eros deck, why did you decide to print a second edition? The first edition was, at the time, my most successful project ever. I created 400 copies, 37 of which got lost in transit from the factory in China. After delivering to my Kickstarter backers, the remaining 150 decks sold out on my online store within two months. I got to know the people in my local post office pretty well. What this taught me was that there is definitely a market out there for my naughty art. I wanted to immediately start the second printing, but the factory got in trouble with their local government because erotic art is forbidden in China. It took me a long time to find a factory willing to do the reprint. Even in the United States, I found printers unwilling to deal with the material. What card are you most proud of and why? Ironically, the illustration I’m most proud of is the only one that doesn’t feature nudity- the Lovers. It’s an image of two skulls kissing. I love that there is no gender assigned to either skull, so I find it to be a simple and pure expression of love, independent of any outside influences or burdens. Just one person kissing another person. This image now appears on my business card. What impact would you like your deck to have on its readers? I want readers to become used to this deck and not be shocked by the imagery (past their first flip through). Right after the first Eros Tarot Kickstarter campaign ended, I created Satisfy- a board game designed to help couples with sexual communication. It was an extension of the ideas that led to the creation of this deck. My intention is not to shock, it’s to provide an environment of empathy through titillation. The world is becoming more open with expressing their sexuality, why do you think there are still some that find the subject confronting? There’s a lot to unpack with this question. I once heard someone say “Men are most afraid that women will laugh at them, and women are most afraid that men will kill them.” That phrase always helps me put things in perspective. I feel that since society has traditionally been a patriarchy, its rules are all predicated on protecting the male ego. Many men are still raised equating desire with weakness, while women are raised equating desire with power. This sows the seeds of the imbalance that results in the quote. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? Total honesty here- I can get a little “distracted” while researching reference photos for the illustrations. Plus, it is funny when the wife walks in on me google image searching “dripping lesbian cunninlingus” and I’m like “It’s for a card, I swear!” But the biggest issue was finding the printer for the second run. After signing the contract with Community Printers, I found one in India that I'd like to try for a third printing should there be demand for it. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? I’ll celebrate by starting to build my next Kickstarter project. I never rest (it’s actually a problem I’m working out through therapy). I’ve got my next 6 Kickstarter projects planned. I want my brand, Chain Assembly, to have a never-ending supply of intellectual property tied to it so it seems like it’s the creation of a team of people, and not just me and a computer. What is on offer for people who pledge? Kickstarter backers are getting an extra set of exclusive cards! These were being parsed out via stretch goals, but as of this writing, all five have been unlocked. So with your pledge, you’ll get an envelope of additional cards that won’t be part of the retail set. The Bound, The Consumed, The Penetrated, The Unarmed, and The Exposed are Major Arcana inspired by The Goracle, a gore-themed Oracle deck I published via Kickstarter at the end of 2021. To get in touch with your sensual side, pledge here: Kickstarter -Eros Tarot Facebook: Instagram: Website:

  • Shades of Gold

    Our latest interview is with F. Nathan, the creator of Shades of Gold - Modern Tarot Deck in a "New" World. The deck was created for those interested in experiencing the old teachings in the "New World". It’s intended for those willing to deepen their connection with their true selves, accept and make small changes that will ultimately lead you toward the true divine nature of yourself. This deck is extremely unique in that the drawings and design were created by the Author themself through meditation and intuitive downloads of guided Divine messages for the collective in the now. Kickstarter -Shades of Gold Where in the world do you call home? I truly believe in the phrase “Home Is Where the Heart Is.” To me, this World with everybody in it is home for as long as I am physically alive. So, there is no exact destination or place I could point to because it all feels like home. What was your first experience with tarot? My first experience with tarot came from an oracle deck purchased by my soul sister which was the first I ever laid hands on. At that point, I realized how much of our life is truly iterated by the cards that are laid out. It isn’t something that can be read off guidebooks or a “normal” belief system. It all came from within the soul. What would you say is unique about your deck? I would say this deck is unique as more than the drawings are spiritually downloaded ideas that cannot be found on available tarot decks at present, they are about carrying some of the “Old” ideas into the present “New” World of the collective. How long has it taken you to create this deck? I took about 6 weeks to complete the drawing and finalization. Once I started, I couldn’t stop as the spiritual messages and intuition just kept flowing. Can you explain the purpose of the hidden messages and identification numbers in some of the cards? In some of the cards, the numbers are still retained as those of the standard Rider-Waite and other decks available. These are some of the “Old” I have kept on to allow some of the readers to still understand and relate to them. The hidden messages are what I call the “New”. If you ask me tarot reading is all about intuition, it has nothing to do with guidelines or something that can just be assumed. True messages are attained by those who are able to tap into the Third Eye and Crown Chakra and it relates to each individual being read for differently. Hence, these messages can definitely be brought forth by those with the ability to do it. What card are you most proud of and why? I am very happy with the entire deck but if I had to choose one then I’d go with the card of Saint Michael. It represents the Throat Chakra and I believe that life is all about speaking “Your Truth”, standing for justice, and using words in the best manner possible. The essence of the representation of the image speaks volumes to me. What impact would you like your deck to have on its readers? I would hope that readers would be able to incorporate the “New” World into the “Old” and let the cards speak to them by themselves. There is no wrong way or right way. It’s just the intuitive, “sense of knowing” way. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? There were no challenges when it came to the design. However, I would say the main challenge was finalizing the size and resizing for the printers. With everything going on in the world, do you believe it is easier or harder for people to connect to The Divine? I truly believe that the Divine has, is, and always will be trying to connect to people through any life situation for that matter. Right now, it seems like what’s going on at present is the “worst” situation for many as it’s happening globally. But honestly, through life, we experience many things, and that guidance has never stopped. It’s just that we haven’t truly opened our eyes to connect with the Divine. So, it’s always easy but the true question is “How many of us are willing and listening to it?” How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? My celebration happens when people are able to use it to the utmost good of the collective and when they are able to come back and share their stories with me. It would be great to know how each individual story is always different but all relatable from different contexts. What is on offer for people who pledge? We offered early bird prices for those who pledged, and we are coming up with ideas at the current moment for those pledging. So, stay tuned on the site for more info! To deepen your connection with yourself and the Divine, pledge here: Kickstarter -Shades of Gold Website: Instagram: Consciousness1808 Facebook: Consciousness 1808 Twitter: Email:

  • Goetia Magick Tarot™

    Our latest interview is with Dr. Voxx Voltair, the creator of the Goetia Magick Tarot - a completely original deck based upon thousands of actual, personally-documented Göetic Rituals since 1980. The 78 Demons depicted in these visually-astounding cards are actual portraits of the Demons as they have visually appeared within the Magickal Triangle, during ritual evocations, performed by Dr. Voxx Voltair. Voxx is a world-renown Trance Medium, Tarot Grand Master, and professional Astrologer. Each Demonic portrait is the culmination of thousands of hours of actual evocations. The final artwork, by occult artist, Mitchell Nolte, was also created using magickal techniques of evocation, during the actual rendering of each masterwork, the process of which is further detailed in the story of this unusual deck. ( Kickstarter -Goetia Magick Tarot Where in the world do you call home? At the moment, I am basically living in Los Angeles, although I am traveling at the moment. What was your first experience with tarot? I was introduced to the Tarot very early in life, as a baby. My mother was the Tarot reader in our city. I remember sitting at the kitchen table, watching my mother laying down the Celtic Cross, giving her friends readings. I started using the Tarot around the age of 5 and doing readings for myself and my friends by age 7. What would you say is unique about your deck? What makes the Göetia Magick Tarot™ unique, is its ability to be used as more than a means of Divination. The images of the spirits in the deck can be used to psychically conjure them, enlisting their energies to help the user manifest desired transformation in their lives — whether to attract love and passion or to release negative energies. The Göetia Magick Tarot is also the first deck of its kind to depict the actual images of the spirits as they psychically appear. Also, the magickal adept, and astrologers will notice that all the images and their colours, and moon phases are correct for each spirit. The spirit of each card faces the direction of the planetary energy that rules them, much like Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot. How long has it taken you to create this deck? I had always wanted to create it, since 1980... and finally, in 2012, I finally met the right artist to illustrate the complicated images. So, up until now, it has taken almost 10 years. How long have you been working with ritual magick and how did you get started? I have been working with ritual magick since childhood. Again, beginning with my mother, who was born and raised in the practice of Stregheria, traditional Italian Witchcraft. As a child, I began doing Fairy Rituals in my garden (which I continue to this day.) Later, I was later initiated into several magickal orders, such as the OTO, the IOT, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. What card are you most proud of and why? I am most proud of the card of King Asmoday (#32) — it was quite a feat to render an image with three heads, while it’s breathing fire. It is so realistic; it is easy to believe the spirit is literally looking at you. Also, the fact that he represents the ability to completely accomplish your aims. What impact would you like your deck to have on its readers? I would like the deck to engage the reader in exploring the nature of their desires — to question the source of their motivation. In this way, the meditation upon the particular spirits may unlock the key to positive manifestation. The spirits can widen our perception, enabling us to see the greater reality... they lend their magickal powers to our human causes. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? Both myself and the artist, had to follow an extreme schedule. The images of the spirits of the cards could only be worked upon during ritual hours, associated with the spirit, under specific Astrological aspects. For example, the picture of the spirit of Wealth, “Buné”, could only be worked on, while the artist was facing North, during the hours of Dawn to 11:55 am, on a Friday. This was to imbue each spirit’s image with the full power of an evocation. This included revisions. So, the timing was key. This was not just a regular project. The entirety was done as a series of actual evocations. The artist is also a magickal initiate of the OTO, and a magickal practitioner as well. Can you explain about the Magickal Triangle and how the demons appear to you? The Magickal Triangle of Art is a formal placement wherein, the Spirit is respectfully engaged during an Evocation. The 3 sides of the triangle, reflect the idea of the Holy Trinity, which acts as a holding place for the Spirit to safely manifest psychically to the reader. The circle within the center is effectively the “eye in the triangle,” and thus, gives the reader the ability to envision the spirit during an interaction. The Magickal Triangle (along with 2 other protective talismans) are available to use with the deck but are not specifically necessary to use. Each card back contains the protective symbol of the Seal of Solomon, so the deck is perfectly safe to use for anyone, of any faith. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? I’m hoping to celebrate the publishing of the Göetia Magick Tarot™ with an Exhibit of the images at a local art studio or venue on the Full Moon on April 16th, in Las Vegas or Los Angeles. Updates will be posted. What is on offer for people who pledge? As a special offer for your readers, I am offering a Full-Colour PDF of a very sweet spirit, Vassago, along with a simple Conjuration for his help with any special matter, for a $15USD pledge. (Image will be 8”x11”). After the Kickstarter Campaign ends on February 11th, the cards will be available for purchase at: GoetiaMagick.Com — Short videos and close-ups pix can be seen there as well. Dr Voxx Voltair - one of the “100 Top Psychics in America” Facebook: voxx1 Twitter: voxx Insta: @voxxvoltair, @voxxthepsychic TikTok: @voxxvoltair Websites: (blog),, Patreon: VoxxMagick To add some ritual magick to your collection, pledge here: Kickstarter -Goetia Magick Tarot

  • Cannabis Magick Oracle

    Our latest interview is with Misty Strong, the creator of the Cannabis Magick Oracle - a 35 cards deck based on different strains of cannabis, each unique with bright and colorful imagery No matter where Misty looked, she couldn't find any information on how to incorporate cannabis into her daily rituals. What intentions can it strengthen? What magical properties does it have and how can I harness it? These were questions she wanted to know the answers to. So, she decided to take it into her own hands. She spent a long time working out what type of magic cannabis can bring to the table, and how to incorporate it Kickstarter - Cannabis Magick Oracle Where in the world do you call home? I live in Stockton, California! I’ve lived here for most of my life. In my early childhood, we moved around a lot, including moving out to Texas for a while. But we eventually found our way back here. What was your first experience with tarot/oracle decks? I grew up Mormon, so tarot and anything associated with it was off-limits. In my teen years, my parents did foster care. One of the girls who stayed with us had a spellbook. I was so drawn to it! I read those pages over and over again. Finally, I decided to buy a deck from Barnes and Noble. I would stay up late, hiding in my closet, studying them. It was love at first shuffle. What would you say is unique about your deck? My deck is cannabis-inspired! I have yet to see another one like it. The artwork is done by my friend Jen, who is a tattoo artist. So the deck is heavily influenced by that and you can see her style shine through. How long has it taken you to create this deck? It’s taken a good two years. We all have struggled since 2020 in our own way, and getting my deck finished was one of those obstacles. Although it is becoming more socially acceptable these days, do you feel like there is still a stigma attached to cannabis use? Absolutely. While it’s more accepted in states that have legalized cannabis, there’s still a lot of negativity surrounding it. Law reform needs to happen, and those in prison for cannabis-related “crimes” need to be released. There are some positive things happening though! I’ve started noticing job listings that specify cannabis use won’t disqualify them from working for them. What card are you most proud of and why? Blue Dream. It was the first card Jen did, and it blew me away! I knew immediately that this deck was going to be a huge success. What impact would you like your deck to have on its readers? I hope it brings readers peace and comfort. Cannabis can benefit people in so many different ways. This deck will do the same. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? In the beginning, I struggled with finding an artist to bring my deck to life. I had several people pull out of this project until Jen dedicated so many hours to do so. Next, I struggled with my own mental health and imposter syndrome. In 2021 I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder, general anxiety, OCD, and PTSD tendencies. It’s been a long journey but I’m very proud of how far I’ve come. While sometimes I still doubt myself, I have an amazing support system that helps clear those negative thoughts. Do you think non-cannabis users will also find these cards useful? Definitely! The messages and actions of the cards aren’t necessarily directly related to cannabis. They are inspired by how I felt while consuming that particular strain, research, and input from others who have tried the strains I wasn’t able to. So while the theme is cannabis, the messages are for everyone. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? Honestly, I have no idea! I might treat myself to a new Loungefly bag or maybe a new fancy tarot deck. What is on offer for people who pledge? I’m offering stickers of the artwork on some of the cards, along with a digital download of the art that will be on the box of the deck. To add a little cannabis magick to your life (without necessarily indulging in it if you don't want to), pledge here: Kickstarter - Cannabis Magick Oracle

  • Trash Panda Tarot

    Our latest interview is with Jennifer Starling Dukehart, the creator of the Trash PandaTarot - a 78-card Tarot Deck, featuring trash pandas and all of their wonderful chaos. The illustrations are fun and playful and emphasize emotional depth, readability, and trash panda takes on classic tarot symbolism. (A careful eye will reveal nods to popular raccoon memes.) Jennifer is an artist and researcher based in Northern Vermont. She has always loved raccoons (the tiny paws! the cute memes! the chonk!) and all things tarot, and she spent the last year creating the Trash Panda Tarot Deck. Her project began as a novelty but quickly revealed surprising unexpected depths. Kickstarter - Trash Panda Tarot Where in the world do you call home? North-central Vermont! I have a little woodsy homestead in the shadows of the Green Mountains. I grew up in the Midwest and spent the last few years in grad school in Austin, TX, so I am loving being back to fall leaves and snowy winters. What was your first experience with tarot? Getting lost in the New Age section in the bookstore as a kid. My mom would take me and let me wander; I’d get a little chai tea and sit on the floor and flip through a pile of tarot books, getting lost in all of the beautiful art. I came back to tarot after finishing school when I was looking for ways to recalibrate and ground myself. What would you say is unique about your deck? My deck shows raccoons through the lens of Rider-Waite symbolism as the raccoons might interpret it. (For example – the Seven of Wands is stealing off with his Wands, and with an armful of ketchup packets. The Wheel of Fortune is, of course, a pizza.) It blends pop culture references and recognizable raccoon tropes with traditional symbolism and depth, so the result is fun and playful, but with the emotional weight that the cards carry as well. How long has it taken you to create this deck? Almost exactly a year. I began last January, as a way to unwind in the evenings. It gets dark early here in Vermont, and given the stress of the pandemic, this gave me something creative to focus my energy on. Here in Australia, we don’t have raccoons, so trash panda is a new term for me. Why are they called trash pandas? Their eye markings are a bit similar to giant pandas, and urban raccoons in North America have a tendency to forage through garbage bins for food. Keeping them out of your bins can be a challenge! What card are you most proud of and why? The Empress and Tower are my favorite cards, because of the iconic imagery. But I am probably most proud of the Five of Pentacles – two injured raccoons out in the cold winter night, not seeing the lights and shelter behind them. Raccoons are so cute – capturing the emotion of the lighter cards came naturally. This one was a test of the deck’s depth and range, and I’m proud of how it turned out. What impact would you like your deck to have on it’s readers? I’d like it to make readers smile and catch them by surprise when they find unexpected layers and hidden visual treats. I hope that newer readers find it charming and accessible, with symbolism that draws them to learn more about tarot. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? Keeping momentum during the pandemic – everything feels so heavy sometimes, it’s hard to make space to be creative. I’m a statistician, and my work focuses on equity, health care policy, women’s health, and COVID-19 – I love my work, but definitely not light topics this year. :-) I also moved recently, which always comes with challenges. But making the deck has been an anchor during the year, and I’ve been so grateful to have this creative outlet. Can you explain why you used the imagery that you did for the minor arcana? When I began designing the deck, I thought of trash panda versions of the traditional Rider-Waite objects for each suit. Cups became grape soda cans, Wands became roasted marshmallows on a stick (which I have heard raccoons love!), Swords became sporks, and Pentacles became twenty-sided dice. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? I’m planning to have two of the Queens tattooed – one on each calf – to celebrate. Also, probably having a pizza, a grape soda, and a nap! Making a deck has been a lovely and utterly consuming project. I’ve got a few other art projects in the works that I’m looking forward to spending time on. What is on offer for people who pledge? First, my thanks and gratitude for bringing this deck to life! There is the deck, of course – it’s 2.75” x 4.75” traditional sized, in a custom two-part box. In addition to the deck, there are stickers, an enamel pin of the Empress, and art prints! There is a prize pack that gets you the deck, the enamel pin, and a sticker pack. There are three sets of stickers on offer: A Sticker Pack which includes the Trash Panda Tarot mascot, the Empress, and the Tower; A Pride Pack which includes a rainbow sticker and a Bi Pride sticker; A Queens Pack which includes four stickers, one for each of the Trash Panda Queens. If I reach my last stretch goal, I’ll also be offering an altar/tarot cloth. Website - Instagram - @trashpandatarot Email - To add a little cuteness and fun to your collection, pledge here: Kickstarter - Trash Panda Tarot

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