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  • Moon Void Tarot - 3rd edition

    Our latest interview is with Stefanie Caponi, the creator of the Moon Void Tarot.- a unique deck that follows the journey of one singular character - The Fool, pulling the reader inward with the purpose of self-reflection, shadow work, and healing while learning to develop & trust one's intuition. Stefanie Caponi is an illustrator, intuitive writer, and practicing witch from Brooklyn, New York. She is the creator of the Moon Void Tarot 1st & 2nd editions as well as the author of Guided Tarot For Seamless Readings (Penguin Random House) and she writes the monthly horoscopes for Dame Wellness that focus on sex and intimacy. Her work combines many forms of creative expression to explore shadow work, healing, spirituality, and self-reflection by blending tarot, astrology, witchcraft, and story telling with the help of her two tuxedo cats, Onyx & Luna. Kickstqrter - Moon Void Tarot - 3rd edition Where in the world do you call home? Brooklyn, New York is home for now! What was your first experience with tarot and when did you fall in love with it? I got my hands on my first tarot deck when I was 14 and instantly fell in love. It was a RWS deck, purchased long before the internet existed, and I kept it a secret for many years because I went to catholic school and it really scared my parents. I’m happy to say they are now very pro-tarot! What made you want to create your own tarot deck? What was your inspiration? I did not set out to create a tarot deck at all. I was writing a memoir about the spiritual awakening that happened during my divorce when I began doodling what the book would look like (automatic drawing is a way I connect with source energy) I drew a book with open pages containing text, and on the other page I started drawing The Fool. Then I realized my story was just like the tarot and I began drawing the first Moon Void Tarot illustrations, just for myself, as a way of working through the pain I was feeling. What would you say is unique about your deck? I created the deck to help myself through some serious shadow work and to my knowledge I have not seen another deck that follows only one character. How long have you had the idea for the deck for and how long has it taken you to create it? Each time I’ve created an edition of Moon Void Tarot, the idea has sprung up suddenly and the artwork pours out of me in a matter of a few weeks, which is my favorite part! Then come the production logistics, which take several months and are rewarding in their own right. We are living in such crazy times. How has the pandemic affected your creativity? I’m honestly very grateful for losing all of my work in early 2020. What started as a very scary Tower moment has helped clear the path for some of the most creative work I’ve ever accomplished. During this past year I’ve created 2 versions of Moon Void Tarot, wrote my first traditionally published book, Guided Tarot for Seamless Readings, Illustrated a young adult fiction book that is coming out in June, and I’m starting work on the second book this month. It has been a wild time. I hope that everyone is learning to trust the void spaces, learn to let go, and surrender gently. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? Formatting my artwork digitally! I wanted to teach myself how to be my own graphic designer, and it hasn’t been pretty, but the learning process has been fascinating, and when I manage to get something right it’s just so satisfying. Can you explain the significance of the moon, and associated rituals, with the tarot? For me, the moon and associated rituals are so significant with tarot because the moon is symbolic of what is hidden and it serves as a safe, compassionate guide to shining light into our personal darkness. It also celebrates our intuitive gifts, helping us to unlearn societal conditioning that only rewards active accomplishments. The moon in tarot helps us normalize waiting, cultivating patience, and tuning back into our bodies for answers, rather than making hasty decisions out of fear. With the moon, we embrace the unknown. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? I will be buying lots of flowers and a lovely dinner! What is on offer for people who pledge? I’m thrilled to be able to finally make packaging upgrades, moving from a tuck box to a beautiful two piece rigid box, as well as higher quality paper, and silver foil edges! I am most excited to add three additional cards to the 78 card deck, including two crystal oracle cards, Morganite and Black Diamond, that correspond to the heart and root chakras, and a card called The Planchette, which upright says “yes” and reversed says “no,” eliminating any ambiguity that can sometimes be present in our readings. These special touches are exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign 3rd Edition and will not be found in future editions. I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped bring this project to life, and I’m so excited to be able to make art and connect with so many wonderful people through something I had to hide for such a long time. To own a copy of this revamped iconic deck, click here: Kickstqrter - Kickstqrter - Moon Void Tarot - 3rd edition

  • La Flora Tarot

    Our latest interview is with Iara Cortes, the creator of the La Flora Tarot.- a botanical tarot deck based on the Rider Waite Smith system. It goes far beyond the aesthetics of plant drawings. La Flora Tarot is a true study on the correlation of plants and all the Tarot archetypes in a deep, meaningful way. Stylistically, La Flora is based on a highly curated selection of centuries old drawing masterpieces originally created for scientific purposes but pushing the edge on the realm of pure art. Far from being a collage, these botanical masterpieces were beautifully reproduced using a drawing technique called stippling. In its purest form, a stippled image is composed exclusively of dots. One must look at it at a precise distance to genuinely appreciate its richness. As such, stippling became the common thread weaving together all the art in La Flora Tarot. Kickstqrter - La Flora Tarot Where in the world do you call home? My husband and I were born in Brazil. We chose to immigrate to Canada where we became proud Canadian Citizens and parents to a wonderful two-year old boy. We live in Southern Ontario, and that’s where we are delighted to call home. What was your first experience with oracles and / or tarot and when did you fall in love with it? At 19, I bought a Tarot deck on a whim, at lunch break, while browsing a local esoteric store full of crystals, incenses and magic potions. At that time, I wanted to become a witch. I bought it with hopes of being able to glimpse into the future. The Tarot deck came with a guide for beginners. On the guide’s introductory pages, it stated that if you were a beginner, you should start with questions to which the answer should be a simple yes or no. I took the guide seriously and started practicing. Quickly I realized that formulating questions that lead to a yes or no answer was not simple at all. It made me think hard about why I was asking those questions. It made me strip down to the essence of what I was feeling at that time. To my surprise, the more I sat down with my Tarot to “get answers”, the more I was working on the questions. At one point I realized I was not going to get a glimpse into the future. Instead, here it was a gift that made me meditate, think clearer, make difficult questions and face my feelings with honesty. A lot of times I was surprised to find out that my true feelings were actually different from what I had believed them to be up to that point. I was discovering “my true self” through asking those questions. I was discovering what mattered to me and who I wanted to become at an early and confusing age, when you are supposed to make choices that will shape your future. It brought to light a more conscious, clear, practical and rational way of thinking that I had never experienced before. The Tarot was a tool I was using to be my own therapist so to speak. I am grateful to have discovered the Tarot then as I would not have found the same “guidance” around me at that time. Today, after reading and studying more about its history and archetypes, I use it as a tool to help me achieve a calm, meditative state of mind every time I sit down to get to know myself a little more. What made you want to create your own tarot deck? What was your inspiration? The thought of creating my own Tarot deck came naturally since it combined my love for plants, art and design with my constant search for personal growth. That is how I look at the Tarot: as a ludic but powerful tool for meditation, self-discovery and by consequence, growth. I know there are other beautiful botanical decks readily available, but I believe I am bringing something new to the botanical Tarot table. I guess I should mention that the core inspiration for La Flora Tarot was the essay: “The Intelligence of the Flowers” by Maurice Maeterlinck. Once you read it, you can never unlearn the brutality of the plant world. Aside from your own deck, do you have a favourite deck? If so, which one? There is so much beauty out there. I adore everything UUSI studio has made this far but if I had to pick just one, that would be the “Carnival at the End of the World” by Kahn & Selesnick. The artwork at first seems old-world naïve, but then, looking closer, you will find so many layers and complexity. It is one of those things where you keep discovering new nuances every time. So much so that the French Laetitia @laetitia.cartomancy, who studied art history at Sorbonne and works as an intuitive counsellor, has created a workshop dedicated to the Carnival at the End of the World iconography. Do you have a favourite card (either from your deck or just the card in general). If so, why is it your favourite? This is silly but I do not have a favourite card, I have three (our four)! Since I discovered everyone has Tarot birth cards assigned to them and mine were The Sun, The Wheel of Fortune and The Magician, they became favourites. That said, I do have a soft spot for The Hermit card. I believe it is the one I identify myself with the most, especially the introversion and search aspects of it. We are living in such crazy times. How has the pandemic affected your creativity? When I first heard about it, I guess just like everybody else I was shocked and in disbelief. There were so many unanswered questions and real, practical fears. Having a small child on my arms made me feel even more vulnerable and worried for the future than I would have otherwise. Being or feeling creative surely took a hit because there were urgent matters to be faced and sorted out. At that time, or just before it, I was hoping to be ready to launch the Kickstarter campaign, but I wasn’t. It took me longer to get things to the level I envisioned them. I considered postponing the whole project indefinitely but, in the end, I have always believed that it is better to have a plan than no plan at all and it is even better if you have something to look forward to. I kept working on the deck and here I am now. The campaign is live! What have been your challenges in creating this deck? Undoubtedly, the most challenging and maybe as a consequence the most rewarding aspect of creating the deck was finding what I believed to be the perfect corresponding representation of each one of the very human archetypes represented in the Tarot card in the botanical world. Apart from the creation process which to me is where the fun is, other challenges have been abundant. Understanding crowdfunding, working on sourcing, defining production and fulfilment strategies and being prepared for “different levels of success” of the campaign were and still are all very time consuming, challenging and intensive work. Luckily for me, Leonardo, my dear husband, is always here to support my endeavours. La Flora is my creation but without him, it would not have become a reality. Why did you choose botanicals as the theme for this deck? I am obsessed with plants. I could not have chosen any other subject because plants occupy a great deal of my daily thinking process. I am always gardening on my mind. I am always reading, researching and getting my hands occupied with plants as much as I possibly can. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? I will celebrate by contributing to an Organization I have long admired called Instituto Terra, in Brazil. Coincidentally located at the state I was born, Minas Gerais. It was created by Lélia and Sebastião Salgado, who is a documentary photographer of great prestige. The Instituto Terra has achieved an almost surreal recovery and “turned back the clock” by reforesting more than 600 hectares of Atlantic Forest and they continue to do so. The German publisher TASCHEN claims to have a zero-carbon footprint by partnering with them. Anyone interested in knowing more can do so by visiting What is on offer for people who pledge? I guess this question is best answered by the campaign page itself since besides the deck, I ended up developing many complementary items and even went as far as creating LFX, the La Flora eXperience. I invite all your readers to go to Kickstarter to check it out, I promise they will not regret it! To add this unique botanical deck to your collection click here: Kickstqrter - La Flora Tarot

  • The Fools Tarot

    Our latest interview is with Nya from the Ritual Muse, the creator of the The Fools Tarot.- a deck that follows the Fool's journey through life with an innocence that comes from a life not yet jaded by the hurts and lessons of the world. The Fool is a free spirited individual that is unafraid to LIVE life to its fullest. There are no humans in this deck except for "Justice" which is technically a statue. The Court cards do not feature kings or queens and were designed to be gender neutral. The "page" cards are "initiates" and feature a book in front of the alchemy symbol for the element. You'll also see the corresponding moon face near the top. The "Knight" cards are "champions" and feature a trophy before the alchemy symbol of the element. The "Queens" are "Sages" featuring a lotus flower to represent their wisdom and nurturing nature. The "Kings" are "Speakers" featuring a crown to represent the status of being a leader for the suit. All Champions, Sages and Speakers have their corresponding constellation near the top of the card. Kickstqrter - The Fools Tarot Where in the world do you call home? Currently, Knoxville Tennessee is my home, but “Home” really is wherever my wife and son are. What was your first experience with tarot and when did you fall in love with it? My first tarot experience was a subtle introduction by a friend who is a reader. For several months, when we would see each other she would slide a deck close to me and say, “I know-I’m just doing what I’m being told.” At the time I felt like tarot was opening up a rabbit hole that I really did not want to descend into. One night, we were having a glass of wine after dinner and she slid her deck to me. I threw my hands up, grabbed the deck and began to shuffle. I pulled one card, looked at it and then spewed this story out to her. When I was finished, she nodded her head and took out the companion book to the deck and read it back to me. It was eerily spot on. She said, “I told you. You’re a reader.” And that was it. I purchased my first deck, fell completely in love with the art and how doing a reading made me feel-and never looked back. What made you want to create your own tarot deck? What was your inspiration? Years ago, I had this great idea of creating a deck with two other friends. One was a much more established artist than I was at the time, so my intention was to just be the writer. My artist friend wasn’t interested, so I created one card myself on a three-foot canvas. It was really hard work. I wanted layers for readers to get lost in, but it became overwhelming and there just wasn’t time. Since then, I have really evolved in my artwork and after creating an oracle deck from my previous work, I decided it was time to revisit the tarot idea. Inspiration for all of my projects comes from a quiet place within me. A place where I understand that all of my demons and scars can’t compare to my power and purpose. What would you say is unique about your deck? I think my deck is unique because I didn’t really follow any of the tarot traditions when it came to creating the artwork for the cards. I did not anticipate all of the animal energies emerging, but it just felt so perfect when they did. I think this tarot deck manifested itself and I was just the fortunate woman that got to witness its birth. How long have you had the idea for the deck for and how long has it taken you to create it? I really became serious about creating a deck a year or so ago. I started this journey with my Tattered Wings Oracle deck which was an easy way to dip my toe in. A tarot deck was always the bigger picture though. This deck took me about four months to create the artwork and I am still writing the companion book. I was very fortunate to be in a place that allowed time to create every single day. We are living in such crazy times. How has the pandemic affected your creativity? This past year I really began to understand being an empath and how I allow it to affect me. I remember sitting at our kitchen table or on the couch, night after night just crying from such a deep place. I didn’t understand the hate and the suffering in the world until we were locked in with nothing more but bad news after bad news. The only way that I was able to center and ground myself was to create. I poured whatever I was feeling into my hands and released them little by little with each brush stroke. What have been your challenges in creating this deck? The simplicity in this deck was much harder than I thought it would be. As an intuitive reader, I get lost in the layers of the artwork but I really wanted a minimalist approach. Being happy with a card and its aesthetic and energy was difficult because I was the creator. If someone else made it, it would be easier for me to sink in. Creating comes with expectations and I’m not always confident enough for that. You wanted to create a simple deck that didn’t feature any human beings. Why was this important to you? Human inequality breaks me in half some days and I know how imperative it is that everyone in the world be able to read books and see art with beings and stories that reflect who THEY are. There are some incredible artists out there that can do that, but it is not a strength of mine just yet. So, in order to make this deck gender and culture non-specific, I decided to focus on symbolism. Then I created the Death card, a soaring black raven and realized that animals are something that we can all relate to. And the energy I felt when they came up really made me feel like the cards were going to speak freely to everyone. My deck is for humans, whoever they may be and however they identify. How will you celebrate when the deck is finally published? Celebration night will most likely look like tacos and adult beverages at the fire pit-where we like to celebrate everything! When my Kickstarter campaign ends and I can breathe again, (HA) I am going to purchase a talisman for myself. I have always wanted a piece of jewellery that I wore when I was sitting down to do divination work or astral travel. The creation of this deck has introduced me to such an amazing community of people and they have helped me to remember a piece of me that I had forgotten. I want to sink deeper and I also want something that I can reach up and touch that reminds me of the gifts that I have been given. I want something to remind me that there is a purpose and that I can escape this realm and find whatever I need, within. What is on offer for people who pledge? Everyone that pledges on Kickstarter receives a deck and companion book. I have also added a companion journal, a hand-dyed embroidered reading cloth, sage items, stickers and pins are on the way and my favorite addition is the ritual oils and goodies that came straight from my garden and through my apothecary area. It’s always been my dream to have a delicious little witchy shop, so making these items and offering them are just really nurturing my soul. To follow the Fool's journey with this deck, click here: Kickstqrter - The Fools Tarot

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