The Octopus Tarot

Our latest interview is with Luna Charlotte, the creator of The Octopus Tarot - an intuitively drawn tarot deck based on the magick and mysteries of octopuses.

Luna is an artist who has been practicing art professionally for about 5 years, traveling and exposing my artwork at hundreds of events in 13 countries.

Each drawing in the deck started off as a totally intuitive drawing - which reflected entirely in their process. For example, if a card signified a time of rest and pause for Luna, that card would take her exceptionally longer than any of the others to complete as she would feel called to taking many breaks during its creation.

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Where in the world do you call home?

I’m based in Canada. I was born and raised here to parents who immigrated from France. As for calling it “home”, my travels have shown me many homes all over the globe to which I am equally if not more connected to than Canada.

What was your first experience with tarot and when did you fall in love with it?

My first experience with tarot was around 2011, I was living in a small town called Canmore, my best friend introduced me to tarot and I was gifted my first deck not long after that. To be totally honest, it took me a while to understand it, I just like drawing cards and looking at the pretty pictures.

You didn’t realise at first that the art you were creating was in fact a tarot deck. How surprised were you?

It was an interesting experience! Definitely made it feel like I was guided by something much bigger than me into this project. I have learned over the years that if you listen to the signs the Universe sends you, you always end up exactly where you should. Creating a tarot deck was a project of such grand scale I don’t think I would have embarked on this kind of journey had it not been by accident. Anyways, I’m glad that I did because this has been, and continues to be an extremely powerful experience with so much room to grow.

What would you say is unique about your deck?

When I started looking into it, I was actually shocked no one else had made an octopus-themed tarot… it just seemed like such an obvious match for some reason. Needless to say, the octopuses are therefore what makes it unique. In the same way these animals are totally unique in the animal kingdom, this deck is its own unique vibe.

How long has it taken you to create this deck?

Three years almost to the day!